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Ten Things I would tell my senior self

My senior year was definitely not the highlight of my high school experience. I’ve had this idea in my head of what it was supposed to look like since I was a little girl... high school musical 3. I dreamed I would dance in the rain on the roof of my school, and I would be asked to prom by THE Troy Bolton. Then I would go to my dream school. Easy MONEY, so I thought.

High school was very much not a musical, especially senior year. For me, there was a lot of rain, and not much dancing. There was no Troy Bolton. There was no prom. And the month before graduation I walked away from my dream school and trusted that the Lord’s plan was greater than my own.

There are times I look back and wish things went differently. I’m human. I regret things. I made mistakes. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Because high school taught me more than I could have ever asked for. Senior year I grew in ways I never imagined possible. And now, a year has passed, and some of you may be walking through the same thing.

Here are ten things I would tell my senior self. Ten pieces of advice. Ten things I now know because of what I have walked through. Ten things I want you to know. Maybe you relate to all ten, maybe just one. But I hope and I pray you can take strength from this and speak it into your senior year. I hope and I pray you can find courage in these words and go live fully present.

Number One.

Your. SAT. Score. Does. Not. Define. You.

Your. ACT. Score. Does. Not. Define. You.

Your. GPA. Does. Not. Define. You.

Your. Class. Rank. Does. Not. Define. You.

Number Two.

You’re going to miss the little things. Like how your dad wakes up every morning to make you breakfast. Or how your mom packs your lunch and makes your coffee. Or how your sister sings the most annoying good morning song at 6am. The little things are the most special. So take it all in. Every bit of it. You’re going to miss it.

Number Three.

Every day isn’t always good. But every day isn’t always bad. Hold onto the good days, learn from the bad ones.

Number Four.

The pain or fear or anxiety you’re feeling right now, cannot compare to the joy that is coming. He is working ALL things together for the good of those who love Him. He is in control. The best is yet to come...

Number Five.

Stop stressing about college. Like literally just stop. You are going to end up exactly where you are meant to be. It may not be according to your plan, or in your timing, but it will be perfect. Why? Because the Author of your story knows what He is doing. And He knows what’s best for you. Trust in that.

Number Six.

Enjoy the days you do spend at school. Smile at people in the hallways. Thank your teacher before you leave class. Go to football games. Dress up for pep rallies. You‘ll blink and it’ll be over, so be a high schooler for one more year.

Number Seven.

Go ahead and dream big dreams, goodness go after those dreams, but don’t dream away the days. Don’t dream away the weeks and months. Chase your dreams, work hard for your dreams, but don’t let your dreams consume the present moment.

Number Eight.

The Lord is preparing you for what He has prepared for you. Read that again.

Number Nine.

Don’t count down the days. Delete the countdown app from your phone. Don’t focus on one single date like the day your graduate or the day you leave for college. Because then you will forget about all the days in between. Those are the days you can’t get back.

Number Ten.

Be present. This season of your life is not without purpose. So be all in. Be 100% there. The Lord has you where you are for a reason.

I am praying these words meet you right where you are my sweet friend. Sending so many hugs your way.

Xoxo, abbs

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